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StratMark was asked by Unamed, a vintage clothing marketplace, to write blog content for the launch of its brand and website.

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We have found that allowing our staff to work in a fully flexible way is key to successful remote working. We trust our team to maximize their time and use techniques that are idiosyncratic to them.

Finding You Your Style: The Names Behind Unamed. 

Our Family

Unamed is all about community. It’s one of the main reasons why it was founded. Our goal is to provide everyone everywhere with a place where they can come find, buy, and share vintage clothing that makes them feel special. As part of this mission, we feel that it’s important that you know about us and meet the people who make this all happen. We are an unlikely group of friends who bonded over our love for fashion,  sustainability, and sometimes circumstance and decided to embark on the journey of a lifetime and create Unamed. It’s time to meet the names behind Unamed. 

Mizuki: Founder | Head of Buying & Fashion | The “Look” Guru

The fearless leader of Unamed, Mizuki Takagi was born in Toyko, Japan. Mizuki has always had an affinity for clothing, fashion, and style. Japan has long been a world leader in self-expression when it comes to fashion and this ideology helped Mizuki find her unique style but more importantly helped foster the mind that would one day create Unamed. 

When asked to describe her style, Mizuki had this to say,

“It’s hard for me to describe my style in words. Yes, I love vintage clothing. I find it fun to pair old vintage pieces of clothing with new trendy things to make something that is unique and sometimes crazy. But for me, my style is a feeling. I wear lots of different styles, but what they all have in common is they make me feel like me. I can look at myself in the mirror and know that I am my authentic self. That is my style, feeling like myself in my clothes.”

Influenced by this drive to be her most authentic self, Mizuki finds inspiration all around her. If you ask her to name the designers who have influenced her the most she will tell you that every day she is influenced and inspired by random people on the street.

This is what Mizuki brings to Unamed every day. As Mizuki procures the articles of clothing and begins to style the looks that will be featured and sold on Unamed, she first makes sure that she loves the clothing first. 

“I would never sell anything that I wouldn’t buy. That would be crazy to me!”

Mizuki is the heart and soul of Unamed and the reason we are all here today!

Mizuki is an active writer on the Unown, if you would like to read some of the blogs she has written about style, fashion, or future trends check them out here.

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“No Limits” Susanna: Co-Founder | Director of Sustainability | Resident Badass

Susanna Targni hails from the heart of Brazil but has lived all over the world including, the United States, Italy, Abu Dhabi, and Spain. Her travels have exposed her to cultures and fashion from all over the world and have given her a deep understanding of how the two are tied together. Being half Brazilian and half Italian, Susanna loves to showcase her cultural heritage through her clothing while also adding her own personal touch to everything. She believes that fashion and style begin and end with you.

“I know who I am and I know what I like. I wear what I want when I want but that doesn’t mean that change isn’t good or welcomed. Your style should grow with you. It’s not a static thing that should stay the same all the time. Style should living, breathing, and evolving. That is what makes it fun. You want to change your look? Do it! You want to cut off your hair? I have! But make sure you are doing it for yourself! That is what I love about Unamed, we are a community that helps each other find ourselves and we give each other the confidence to take that first step to becoming who we want to be.”

Susanna’s connection with Mizuki stemmed from their unapologetic desire to be themselves. Susanna also brought with her a burning passion for sustainability that linked perfectly with Mizuki's visions of Unamed and the idea of procuring and selling vintage fashion. 

“Fast fashion is killing the world and the people in it. Here at Unamed, we are fighting back by only using 100% recycled repurposed clothing. It’s the way that it should be. The world didn’t need another fast fashion brand, so we didn’t create one.”

Susanna is the engine that continues to drive Unamed! Without her passion, it’s hard to say if Unamed would have been successful. This is why she has gained the loving nickname “No Limits Susanna” because when she is around there are no limits to what can be accomplished. 

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Pedro Arias: Co-Founder | Director of Men's Fashion | Resident Footballer

Pedro was born in the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, Argentina. Pedro grew up playing football and ended up going to the United States to play football for a college in Miami. While in Miami, Pedro found his love for fashion kind of by accident.  

“It started a joke. My teammates and I would watch American football and basketball games and before the game, they would always show the star players walking into the area in their fancy or crazy outfits. So we thought it would be funny to show up to our games dressed like we were pro-ball players. We would try to outdo one another. Well, what started as one game, turned into every game, then I started to dress like that everywhere. I found that I like the way I felt when I wore those clothes and this started my love for fashion and style.”

Unnamed was created primarily for women but Pedro has always had the vision that it could be for men as well. As part of the founding core of Unamed, he has always strived to bring this amazing product to men, and shortly after the initial launch Pedro was given the opportunity to expand Unamed. Pedro works side by side with Mizuki to help find, procure, and style looks that can inspire men. 

“It’s not talked about much but men have the same problems as women. We all struggle with finding our style.” 

Pedro has opened the doors for Unamed to be a truly inclusive community where women and men can come together to inspire one another to be themselves and be confident in wearing what they want. 

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Check out Susanna on Instagram!

Fynn Fladung: Co-Founder | Director of Brand Collaboration & Outreach | Resident Model (against his will) 

Fynn’s origin story as it pertains to Unamed is one of clandestine fate. Fynn is originally from Frankfort, Germany and while acquiring his degree in digital marketing he randomly met Mizuki in a vintage store buying clothing. Fynn was carrying around an old Sony camcorder and immediately Mizuki took notice and sparked up a conversation with him. Little did each of them know that the conversion they were having would end up changing both of their lives.

“I mean, I was just minding my own business when this girl came up to me and started asking me all these questions about my clothes and my camera. At first, I thought that she worked at the shop but as it turns out she didn’t. She told me that she loved my aesthetic and that she was working on launching a company that specialized in vintage clothing and she wanted me to model for her. At first, I said no, I'm not a model but after about five minutes of convincing, I said yes. The rest is history. I modeled and she asked if I wanted to be a part of this crazy thing and here we are.”

Fynn says he isn’t a model but we will let you all decide. He is in most of our photos on our website! 

Whether Fynn’s modeling career takes off or not, he is a critical part of Unamed. Fynn is responsible for setting up the collaborations that Unnamed is a part of. For Unamed to thrive, it must partner with like-minded companies to expand our brand reach. Fynn has helped Unamed partner with other clothing brands, restaurants, and even celebrities! He continues to bring Unamed to the forefront of culture and fashion!

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Check out Susanna on Instagram!

Lucas Shaff: Co-Founder | Creative Director | Fashion Challenged


This is me. My name is Lucas and I was born in the mountains of Northern Nevada in the United States. Unlike all the other wonderful people of Unamed, I don’t have a background in fashion or really a passion for it. I have always just worn what I had or what people gave me. I have never been a fan of shopping for myself. Most of my clothes come from clothes that others were going to get rid of. 

So why do I work for a sustainable vintage clothing company? 

Great question. The truth is, I love what Unamed stands for. It’s that simple. A company that is providing people with recycled sustainable clothing to help them feel more self-confident!? I don't have to be a fashionista to get behind that idea.

So how did I become a co-found in Unamed? Again, the answer is simple.  Mizuki asked me to be the photographer and head writer for Unamed. I have a degree in journalism and I passion for content creation which made me the final piece that  Unamed needed to get off the ground.

Since being a part of Unamed, I have begun to become more aware of my style and fashion in general. It is hard not to when you are surrounded by these minds. I am hoping that one day soon Mizuki and the others will let me curate my very own look for Unamed, but we will see if they let me. 

You: The reason Unamed exists

Our final Unamed team member is perhaps the most important. It’s you! Unamed was created for every one of you. Our mission is, “To help you purchase one-of-a-kind look based-vintage clothing in a community setting that allows users to feel confident and express their unique style.” But through this process what we have found is that you inspire us every day. 

Without you, we would not exist. You all have transcended Unamed from a company to an idea. A feeling of self-worth and acceptance. Of community and well-being. We chose to call ourselves  “Unamed” not because we were lazy but because we are not just a company that sells sustainable vintage clothing, we are an idea, a revolution and you can’t put a name on that!

Tell us about what Unamed means to you in the comments!

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