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Beder is a mobile-based travel application that strives to connect people to adventures all over the world.

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We were tasked with providing Beder with a programmatic advertising proposal. This programmatic marketing strategy was to be reviewed for possible implementation by the Beder team to complement their existing paid marketing strategy. Their goal was to drive downloads for their newly launched mobile application.

Below we will go through the procedures and presentation that StratMark created.

Beder Programmatic Marketing Strategy


Starting Budget: €1000/monthly

June 2022: Mobile App Launch

2024: 100,000 Active Monthly Users

2027: Expand to the North American Market

2032: Beder is the "go to" app for trip planning and discovery

Mission Statement

To allow you to explore the world and decide your next adventure in an easy and visual way.
Brand, Market, Target Customers, Competitors

To begin, because Beder is a relatively new brand, we first needed to look at their product purpose.

The Golden Circle (What, How, Why) is where we started. This is an important step when understanding the positioning of a brand that will help lead to establishing Target Customers and the best market fit for a product.

What: What the core functionality of the product is.

How: How a product achieves this core functionality.

Why: Why the brand created this product.

Market: Targeting Spain for Paid Social and Programmatic advertisements in the first 3 months but expecting to see small natural growth from other Western European countries as brand awareness and app adoption grows.

Target Customers

After establishing the What, How, and Why of Beder, we were able to then develop some customer archetypes that would guide Beder when targeting specific marketing demographics with their marketing efforts.

Beder already had Target Customer outlines but as part of our deep dive into their product, we like to provide our own conclusions so that the brand can either confirm their preexisting personas or potentially revise accordingly.

We provided Beder with two archetypes that we felt where strong personas to begin targeting for initial programmatic efforts.

Marina The Explorer: A young women who works remotely as a product manager at a startup. She is adventure and tech-driven. She loves to explore new cities, different cultures, and hidden places. She is curious, creative, and extroverted. She values time, practicality, and usability. Her goal is to discover exotic and different places and share those discoveries so others can also enjoy them. She finds researching for traveling information very time-consuming and boring, with all the different websites and blog articles she has to go through.

Paul The Social Tourist: a young man who is in his first career job after finishing college. He loves to meet new people and visit beautiful places around the world when he is on vacation. He is always using social media to discover new trends and interact with his friends. He is social, energetic, and empathic. He values social connectivity, visual content, and credibility. He has a limited budget and finds it very difficult to visualize the beauty and real experience of places only with blog articles and pictures. He is looking for travel deals.


As part of our competitive analysis of Beder we looked at the businesses that are currently occupying the marketing space they are trying to break into.

We provided them with four key competitors and how Beder compared to them.

Programmatic Strategy

Brand Tone and Voice

As part of our strategy it was important that we established the tone of voice that the ads and landing pages would use. We wanted to make sure that what we choose fit within the preexisting branding guidelines of Beder.

We choose the follow:

  • Adventurous
  • Inspiring
  • Motivating

Funnel Strategy

We wanted to make sure that the there was a goal for user interactions at every stage of the funnel so we provided Beder with following guidelines to creating programmatic ads at all stages of the funnel.

  • Awareness: Inspiring communication. Split clicks between landing page traffic and the Apple App & Google Play stores. Will optimize after one week or 100,000 impressions.
  • Consideration: Banners ads will highlight the features and solutions of beder. All clicks will be directed to App Store and Google Play to maximize conversions (downloads).
  • Conversion: Retargeting people who visited the landing page and the App Store and Google Play store, but didn't download the app. Continuing to highlight features.
  • Retention: Retargeting users who downloaded the app but have not used it in a specific amount of time. Use information on the last trip they looked at to create creatives.


On top of providing guidelines for the goal of the programmatic ads at every stage of the funnel we also provided Beder with initial customer targeting that could be used to increase download rates from ads.

  • Geographical: Spain
  • In-Market: Travel
  • Affinity: Lifestyles & Hobbies » Outdoor Enthusiasts, Technology » Social Media Enthusiasts, Travel
  • Demographics: Men & Women, Age 22 - 35, Not Parents
  • Devices: Only Mobile (iOS & Android)

Keyword Targeting

Because this marketing strategy revolved exclusively around programmatic marketing, it was important that we also provide Beder with keyword research that we conducted and optimized.

Below is a small segment of the keyword research that was produced for this proposal.


We were provided budget of €1000 a month for three months. As part of this programmatic marketing strategy, we included our budget recommendations to Beder for the first three months of the programmatic marketing campaigns.

Programmatic Ad Mock-ups

As the final part of this proposal, we provided Beder with mock-ups of programmatic ads that they were DSP (Display Side Provider) ready.

Below you can view the whole StratMark proposal. The programmatic ad examples are on slides 16 - 23.

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