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Frequently asked questions

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What does StratMark do?

StratMark is Performance Marketing Agency that specializes in paid marketing and all content that accompanies those efforts.

What types of businesses does StratMark work with?

StratMark specializes in small and medium-sized businesses in any industry. What is considered a small and medium-sized business? Normally, that means businesses that have under 100 employees, but if you are larger than that don't hesitate to give us a call.

Does my business need a website for StratMark to run marketing campaigns?

The simple answer is yes. For StartMark to be successful and for your business to not miss spend money, it is important that your business have a functioning website.

How does StratMark charge for its services?

StratMark operates on an hourly allotment system. This means that once we have reviewed your request, StratMark will supply a proposal which will include a set-up fee for creating and implementing what you have requested and the billable hours it will take per week to maintain your businesses marketing efforts.

How will I know if my investment was worth it.

StratMark is here to help your business grow. Because we are not some large scale agency, we pride ourselves on having a very personal approach with our clients. On top of always being available to answer any questions you have, we sent bi weekly reports on how campaigns are performing. We only succeed if your business does as well. If something isn't working, we will change it.